Harlem @ House of Blues

Harlem, you know that really awesome band from Texas who Chris and I saw at Great Scott just short of a month ago, will be back in these parts in a couple of months. July 14, to be exact, at the House of Blues. No, no, no. I know what you are thinking. They couldn’t even draw a sold-out GS crowd, so any chance of them headlining a 1,000 capacity venue seems moot, don’t you think? Right. They will be opening for the perfectly average hard-rock/blues outfit Dead Weather. Fellow KLYAMer Matt will be presumably in attendance and he’ll be in for a treat. In a summer void of great concerts, I’d probably go to this one. BUT it’s $29 bucks and $29 for a quickie set from Harlem (fuck they only played 25 minutes at GS as headliner) is a bit much.

One thought on “Harlem @ House of Blues”

  1. Yeah, Idk, it’s up to you man. As you mentioned they played a quickie when they headlined; typically (as you and I have witnessed) when bands are opening they play shorter sets. At the same time they are one of my favorites and when I saw that post I immediately said YESSS! Then there’s the money factor… and I’ve never heard Dead Weather so idk.

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