Tandoori Knights – “Gomper”

New Split 7″
The world’s spiciest duo, King Khan and Bloodshot Bill offer a currified romper of Gomper (clocking in at 5:09 – the exact time of the Stones version!) on this New Dehli platter! All they ask in return is that you please remove your shoes. Turn it over and dig Scotland’s least likely hit makers as they blaze through everyone’s favorite Nanker Phelge floor packer!

Purchase here for a mere five singles: http://www.nortonrecords.com/index2.html

Check out this video for “Big Belly Giant”:

6 thoughts on “Tandoori Knights – “Gomper””

  1. That video is not Gomper! It’s called Big Belly Giant. The person who published the video should know.

  2. Sure is “Big Belly Giant”

    Found this newly uploaded video and thought I’d throw it onto the post. I meant to distinguish the two. My bad!

  3. It doesn’t say when you see the embedded video the first time. It does after you play it. You should see the other stuff negronomikhan uploaded.

  4. That’s better. King Khan has some news in his latest Viceland interview about the new Tandoori Knights album coming up and other things that would interest you I’m sure.

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