Black Lips Are Old?

From OC Weekly:

Alexander’s first band, the Renegades, co-helmed by current Lips bassist Jason Swilley, landed a slot in the Dunwoody High School talent show, but the guys got drunk, kicked stuff around, were hooked from the stage and cut from the video. One of their classmates was American Idol host and radio personality Ryan Seacrest, heard locally on KIIS-FM 102.7 and Live 105.5. “We were freshmen, and he was a senior—a total douchebag metrosexual,” Alexander says. “We used to fuck with him in the halls, but he was a senior and had some big friends, and we were scrawny, so we didn’t fuck with him too much.”

Seacrest graduated from Dunwoody in 1993. Unless Cole entered high school when he was 11 years old, this story doesn’t quite add up. Wikipedia has Cole’s birthday on June 8, 1982. If he was supposed to graduate in 1997, he has to at least be at least thirty years old or older right now. He was a senior when Columbine happened. I do remember him saying he was in special needs classes so it could be possible that he was in school for six years instead of four. The bottom line is that he was probably born in 1979 not 1982.

3 thoughts on “Black Lips Are Old?”

  1. Yeah, Cole said he got kicked out not too long after Columbine cause they didn’t tolerate anyone that was “different” anymore or something to that effect, so that would be around 99. Also, the Black Lips formed in 2000 according to wiki and they always say they went right into the band immediately after high school cause they had no other ambitions, i.e. college, work.

    1. ‘Course them, that makes sense. But BL in their 30s…it’s an interesting proposition.

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