Booze Pills

Behold the world’s tax dollars at work. A Russian professor at the Saint Petersburg Technological University has developed a process that allows him to take almost any kind of alcohol, turn it into a powder, and then pack it into a pill for easy transport. Yeah, someone actually took the time and the research money to figure this out. Why bring a bottle of wine to your next dinner party when you can just drop a few tablets of whisky on the kitchen table and call it a night?

“We have developed a technology that allowed us to turn any liquid solution into powder,” the scientist was quoted as saying by a web portal.

The mastermind behind the technique is Evgeny Moskalev, who was first able to produce vodka into a “dry” form, supposedly to make it easier for consumer to calculate an exact dosage. After the transformation, the “dry” vodka (or whiskey, or beer) can fit easily into bag or even your pocket.

Screw underage drinking, it’s all about thizzin’.

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