Reviews: Sunset Rubdown (6/11/09) & Handsome Furs (7/6/09)

Sunset Rubdown – Middle East Downstairs – June 11
1. Empty threats of little lord
2. Idiot heart
3. Black swan
4. Taming of the hands
5. Silver moons
6. Coming to at dawn
7. You go on ahead
8. Paper lace
9. Winged wicked things
10. Snakes got a leg
11. Dragon
12. Nightengale/December song
13. Apollo and the buffalo…
14. Mending of the gown

An hour and a half filled with a mix of old and new, down-tempo and up-tempo, the genius that is Spencer Krug, and epicness. Sunset Rubdown gave one of the best efforts that I’ve seen from a band.

Handsome Furs – Great Scott – July 6
1. Legal tender
2. Talking hotel arbat blues
3. All we want baby is everything
4. Evangeline
5. I’m confused
6. White city extended
7. Nyet spasiba
8. Hate this city
9. Radio kalliningrad
10. Dead and rural
11. Agony

There was no limit to the amount of energy Dan Boeckner and wife Alexei Perry brought with them. Alexei was hyperventilating for most of the night while Dan was extremely thankful for a great crowd. Greg, the secret third member of the band, joined the two on stage for a couple of songs, managing to be a drunken disgrace…but it didn’t seem like Dan or Alexei hated it. Speaking of hate…there wasn’t anything to hate from my perspective. It was delightful to hear “Dead and Rural” as the encore after the crowd relentlessly cheered for the two to come back to the stage.


Watch “All we want…”

3 thoughts on “Reviews: Sunset Rubdown (6/11/09) & Handsome Furs (7/6/09)”

  1. Alexi is soooo hot! Just saying, you forgot to mention it lol. And yes indeed great show; a lot of high energy!

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