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CD Review: Dear God, I Hate Myself (2010)

Band: Xiu Xiu
Release: 2010
Label: Kill Rock Stars

1. “Gray Death” – D+
2. “Chocolate Makes You  Happy” – C
3. “Apple For A Brain” – C-
4. “House Sparrow” – C-
5. “Hyunhye’s Theme” – C
6. “Dear God, I Hate Myself” – D
7. “Secret Motel” – D+
8. “Falkland Rd” – D+
9. “The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation” – C-
10. “Cumberland Gap” – C-
11. “This Too Shall Pass Away” – C+
12. “Impossible Feeling” – C

Comments: Xiu Xiu! Hold on a second, buddy, what is there to get excited about? I hate to label this album, but it’s almost necessary. It’s like Xiu Xiu wants to be different, but still doesn’t want to freak out people too much so they resort to a minimum layer of catchiness that will satisfy the hoi polloi of eclectic listeners. Like “Chocolate Makes You Happy.” It’s a weird ass title, but you can tell that it’s so naive there has to be some fun about it. People actually listen to this AND enjoy it? That’s depressing. “Dear God, I Hate Myself.” Really? Really?!

Grade: C- (70)