CD Review: Rock and Roll [2010]

Band: Woozy Viper
Release: 2010
Label: ?

1. “You Can’t Find Me” – A
2. “Dinner And A Movie”- B
3. “Dirty” – B+
4. “Party Town U.S.A.” – B
5. “It’s Such A Drag” – B+
6. “I Want To Strangle You” – B+
7. “She’s Mine” – B+
8. “Black Is The New Black” – A-
9. “Real Good Time” – A-
10. “Dislocated Shoulder” – A

Comments: Good stuff. To me, it’s rather run of the mill rock and roll (appropriate title) that plays like your (above) average power-pop/garage rock revue. Not too much on here blows my mind, but there are a lot of fun listens to be had. I’ve read about Black Lips comparisons and that’s simply not appropriate or fair. These guys are more Nobunny than Lips. Lyrically and musically.

Grade: B+ (88)