Flashback: The Reatards in New York (4/28/00)

It’s Monday and I’m feeling tired already. So, here’s footage of Jay performing with The Reatards from wayyyyy back, way before my time. You can hear such Reatardian gems as “Stacye,” “It Ain’t Me,” and “Bummer Bitch.” This will wake us all up.

Classic Jay Reatard Footage Totally Worth Checking Out

Some lengthy Jay Reatard performances can be found on the great YouTube – you just gotta do some digging! Well I did the digging and here’s what I got:

The Reatards Live At Fallout Records (November 1999) – 25 minutes – Full in store recording. Jay apologizes for the band’s sobriety. The sound quality is a lil fuzzy (whaddaya expect?), but fans will recognize the tunes!

Jay Reatard Live In Australia – 36 minutes – Back when Billy was on drums and Stephen was on bass.

Jay Reatard Live In Dublin (November 2009) – 20 minutes – This is after Billy and Stephen quit and the Cola Freaks came into the picture as Jay’s backing band. I remember watching this a day or two before seeing Jay at the Wang and thinking damn, these guys got the hang of things quickly! Not to mention that it seems apparent that the addition of the new guys slowed things down quite a bit which I’d argue was for the better.