CD Review: The People’s Key [2011]

Bright Eyes
Release: 2/2011
Label: Saddle Creek

1. “Firewall” – B
2. “Shell Games” – B+
3. “Jejune Stars” – B-
4. “Approximated Sunlight” – C+
5. “Haile Selassie” – B+
6. “A Machine Spiritual” – B
7. “Triple Spiral” – A
8. “A Beginner’s Mind” – B+
9. “Ladder Song” – B+
10. “One For You, One For Me” – A-

Comments: Connor Oberst is a pretty intriguing dude. Not sure exactly what’s behind this record lyrically, but it’s something deep. That alone is pretty riveting. The songs, though, range from pretty all right to pretty nice. For me, the folk tunes aren’t as awesome as songs like “Triple Spiral,” which is a post-punk rock ‘n roller along the lines of “Take it Easy”/the sound of I’m Wide Awake (to get broad on you guys). Oberst and crew did for sure do a job at nailing a specific theme for this. It’s better as a complete work than a ‘the songs are the best’ kind of thing.

Grade: B (86)