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Band Recommendation: The Bugs

Description: The Bugs are a band from Portland, Oregon. Not much is known about them. That should change. Their MySpace helps us a little: they are influenced by the late D. Boon and put out an 18 song LP on Hovercraft Records (who?!) in 2009.

Sounds Like: Lo-fi powerpop!

What’s Awesome About Them: Of course, the music itself is really awesome. Imagine the Velvet Underground fronted by a 20 year old from the West Coast who knew about Beat Happening before Beat Happening even became in existence. Besides having a surfy song called “Fuckin A Right” is just perfect. FUCKIN A RIGHT, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I REALLY REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.

Link: http://www.myspace.com/thebugsoogabooga