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Song Review: “Heartbreaker”

Band: Girls
Release: 11/2010
Featured On: Broken Dreams Club EP

Comments: Listen to this song and you won’t confuse it for anybody other than Girls. Girls are Girls. They’ve got the suave bass lines, the jangly acoustic guitars, and even a little bit of piano thrown in the mix. This song is good stuff. “When I said that I loved you, honey, I knew that’d you break my heart” is typical Christopher Owens fare. Add a strong guitar solo at the 3/4 mark and you’ve got a real song in your ears. It’s not as amazing or heavy as “Lust for Life” or “Morning Light.” It’s more of a “Lauren Marie” type of tune.

Grade: A-

Free Download: http://www.truepanther.com/#/blog/girls-broken-dreams-club-ep-mp3
Acoustic Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZGkq47iqB4&feature=related

Song Review: “Post Acid”

Band: Wavves
Label: Green Label Sound
Upcoming Album: King of the Beach [8/2010]

Comments: It’s clean and clear blah blah blah blah blah blah. Wavves has fun with this song clearly and it has a what/the/fuck-i-heard-this-in-the-1990s-on-pop-radio verse-chorus dynamic. It’s brief enough that I do get some pleasure from listening to it. It’s nice to know that this just wasn’t Nathan Williams fucking around on his computer to make this. Or was it? At any rate, it seems like quality mattered on this one. Was the band going for the 1990s pop-rock card or does it just sound that way? It’s memorable, but it fades fast.

Grade: B+

Song Review: “I’ve Got A Feeling”

Band: Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Release: 2010 [Rush to Relax]
Label: Goner

Comments: Heard this on WMBR yesterday and decided to give it another listen. It’s nice to know that this Aussie band knows the correct grammar instead of the lame “I Gotta Feeling,” which… makes no sense at all. Enough about that. Time to pop on the headphones. This is not bad. It’s a lyrically simplistic garage punk rhyme. It’s not so catchy, but almost innocently fetching. I’d say if it wasn’t for the bridge and the guitar solo at the end this would be really lackluster.

Grade: B

Listen: http://polaroidsofandroids.com/reacharounds/eddy-current-suppression-ring-ive-got-a-feeling/4606.html