Radiohead’s EP Wall of Ice

From NME:
Radiohead are strongly rumoured to be releasing a new EP next week.

The move comes after a new song ‘These Are My Twisted Words leaked’ earlier this week and fansite At Ease reported that source files of the track revealed that the title ‘Wall Of Ice’ was found twice with a release date set for August 17, 2009.

The site now claims that there could be up to four tracks on the EP and that a weblink has surfaced which leads directly to Radiohead’s online merchandise store, a similar tactic the band used to release their last album ‘In Rainbows’.

Apparently it’s going to be called Wall of Ice and apparently it’s going to be released in two days. That’s just the buzz on a bunch of music sites.

And apparently this is the cover art:


Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

Wall Street Journal
With little fanfare this week, Radiohead made a new track available for download on its Web site. Entitled “Harry Patch (In Memory Of),” it demonstrates how the band views the contemporary music business—and how little regard it has for the conventional view of what a rock band should do.

The song is a moving tribute to Patch, who was believed to be the last surviving British soldier to have fought in World War I. He died on July 25 at age 111. In September 1917, Patch was wounded by a bomb that killed three of his comrades at the Battle of Passchendaele, one of the most horrific actions of the war that saw British casualties in the hundreds of thousands during the three months it lasted. In a 2005 interview with the BBC, Patch said that he went 80 years without discussing his war experiences, even with his family.

But through his longevity, Patch became a reluctant spokesman, eventually testifying with candor to what he had witnessed in France more than four-score years ago. He said that he still had nightmares about the bomb that struck his unit.

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