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Check Out Will from Healers Mix

Get on over to I Heart Noise and check out Will from Healers Altered Cultures Mix.
Quite a treat and not shy to bounce around from disparate styles. For fans of music discovery. It is wild and says a lot that the only song on here that I had heard before was  the Mickey Bliss Band’s “Venus Dressed In Plastic Garbage”. This is a really incredible playlist. Thank you Will.

And before, or after, you listen to the mix go on over and pull up Healers visual album Healers Paradise.

Black Lips Radio

I’ve been listening to the Black Lips station on Pandora Radio for the past 30/40 minutes and what a play-list! Sometimes Pandora can be hit or miss, but today this station has been clutch:

1. Black Lips – “Buried Alive”
2. The Hives – “Hate to Say I Told You So”
3. Kings of Leon – “King of the Rodeo”
4. Deerhunter – “Heatherwood”
5. Black Lips – “Old Man”
6. Babyshambles – “Pipedown”
7. The Ponys – “Harakiri”
8. Deerhunter – “Never Stops
9. The Ramones – “53rd and 3rd”
10. Black Lips – “Stone Cold”
11. The Undertones – “Nine Times out of Ten”
12. Deerhunter – “Cover Me (Slowly)”