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CD Review: Lessons in the Woods or a City

Band: Talbot Tagora
Label: Hardly Art
Release: 2009

1. “Mixed Signals Through Miles of Pilgrimage” – 9.2
2. “Ichthus Hop” – 9.0
3. “Bounty Hunter” – 8.7
4. “Solar Puppets” – 8.9
5. “Hunger Strike” – 8.7
6. “Black Ice” – 8.2
7. “Mouth Rainboy” – 9.1
8. “Hidden Note” – 9.0
9. “Hairspray” – 8.8
10. “Johnny Lazor” – 8.6
11. “Replacing the Northwest” – 8.7
12. “Perception Stick” – 9.0
13. “Belt of Cancer” – 8.4
14. “Ephemeral Summer” – 8.9

Comments: You’re going be like “whoa this is Wavves” (or better yet an incredibly unpolished No Age influenced trio) while listening. There’s really nothing revolutionary going on on this album besides a lot of experimenting with guitars and drum beats that scream, intentionally or otherwise, lo-fi surf-punk. Somewhere and somehow, at least on some of the songs, sense can be made. Noise rock making sense! That’s the No Age comparison. Most of the tracks don’t have an overly catchy flair — they are more like sophisticated jams. So say, for instance, you went to a Talbot Tagora concert for the first time without ever listening to them before. You’re going to have a good time rocking out. And if you have listened to them before, you are going to have a bitch of a time deciphering songs. Admittedly I got a little bored with this after a while. I kind of just wanted to change it up and get my noise fix from the Losing Feeling EP…or the Talking Heads (alphabetically next on my playlist).

Grade: 8.3 (I haven’t done this yet, but I have to take off .5 points because it lacks originality to a sad point.)