Why I Like JFK More Than Bill Clinton?…….

Well, now who gives a flying fuck?! What were we talking about? Ok, I’ll allow y’all to stare for a few more seconds………. ok ok that’s enough staring for now. Now focus! I like JFK more not because of any policy or inspiration or any of that horseshit; let’s face it they were both corporate puppets and mass murderers, just like all of their presidential buddies. But, what made them unique and my personal favorites was their charisma and “gotta love them” persona. No matter what these guys did, they could get away with it. Of course this included being the biggest philanderers God created. Now, why good old Johnny over good old Billy? Well, plain and simple: if you have all that power, you can pretty much do the wild thang with anyone… Bill Clinton slept with mostly unattractive, sometimes fat women, (to each his own) but John Kennedy slept with movie stars, specifically the hottest of any generation man will ever know. So, cheers to him. With all that being said, I still am against adultery, but I find that to be the least of evils these men have bestowed upon us. It’s really funny that this was the topic of discussion for much of my American Politics class today. Good Class. I also plan on writing more on JFK and the myth of his cult of personality as well as comparig said features to that of our current president. In time.

Well, I hope that pic of old Norma Jean brings some horny gentlemen (and lesbians) to the site!