NPR Says Goodbye

“As most of you know by now, Jay Reatard has died at the age of 29.

It’s a sad day for music, because we lost a guy who made the kind of songs most of us, in our heart of hearts, really love. We love his music because, before we got all worldly and esoteric in our tastes, all we wanted was for our music to rumble and roar, to give us that teenage feeling forever.

Jay Reatard made great rock music; garage-y, fuzzed-out and pounding. Songs like “My Shadow” were staples on a lot of mixes that I made for friends. And I’m listening to “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me” as I type this.

In L.A. tonight, there is a jam for the late Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton. I hope the folks on that bill give a shoutout to Jay Reatard. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine that Reatard was a fan of Asheton. Both were players who had trust in the singular hypnotic engine that is rock ‘n’ roll.

Finally, I saw this video over at Brooklyn Vegan and wanted to share it here, as well. It’s nice to veer into Jay’s world for a bit. Jay Reatard, you will be missed.”-

I thought that was “nice.” lol Clearly his music had a great effect on many including myself.