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EP Review: Night Deacon

Band: The Homostupids
Release: 3/2010
Label: Fashionable Idiots

1. “R Companion” – C
2. “The Donovan (chop chop chop)” – C+
3. “Wearing Sammy” – D+
4. “Our Week Is Ending” – D
5. “Swearing Sammy” – C-
6. “Sea Wolf” – C+

Comments: If this is the group’s self-proclaimed best release, then may I ask what kind of shit came before it? Instrumental sounds of shattered glass and farts? Stick to making hardcore funk and cut the so-easy-even-I-could-fucking-do-it shit on “Wearing Sammy” and “Our Week Is Ending.” Great Lightning Bolt impression on “Swearing Sammy.” Nawt. This isn’t even punx.

Grade: C- (72)