Seinfeld Cast on Curb

Hey, you. Shmuck! Yes, you.

The cast of Seinfeld is about to reunite for a five-episode run of Curb Your Enthusiasm. You got a problem with that?


Because Larry David, Curb’s iconoclastic writer, star, producer and complainer-in-chief, doesn’t need another reason to get angry.

David, seething with mock indignation, took the stage moments after a highlight reel from Curb’s seventh season was shown to reporters at the semi- annual gathering of the Television Critics Association.

The co-creator, one-time head writer and executive producer of Seinfeld has done what he once swore he would never do: Talk the cast of Seinfeld into a reunion.

Never got much into Seinfeld, but very very excited none-the-less for this season of Curb.