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EP Review: August in My Mind [2010]

Band: The Fresh & Onlys
Label: Captured Tracks
Release: 3/2010

1. “Diamond in the Dark” – B
2. “Dreaming is Easy” – B+
3. “You’re Known To Wander” – A-
4. “August in My Mind” – A
5. “Garbage Collector” – B+
6. “Save Your Soul” – B+

Comments: Girls. Girls. A little Vivian, a little Dum, and a little plain old Girls. I like the psychedelic/surf sound of The Fresh & Onlys. Credit to them for staying fresh in a climate where music just ain’t as fresh as it used to be. They are too chill to be considered straight up garage or punk or what have you, but they draw from the lighter aspects of those genres. It’s cool.

Grade: B+ (88)