The King Khan & BBQ Show – Bad News Boys/”Alone Again”

We love The King Khan & BBQ Show, they’ve been a big part of KLYAM since day one. We recently saw the pair co-headline a series of amazing shows with the Black Lips. Now, we are greeted with a new album (first in five years) entitled Bad News Boys coming out on February 24th via everyone’s favorite label In the Red. Above you can hear the record’s killer opener “Alone Again.” Below is the tracklist for the new album.

Bad News Boys :
01 Alone Again
02 Illuminations
03 Kiss My Sister’s Fist
04 Buy Bye Bhai
05 D.F.O.
06 We Are the Champion
07 When Will I Be Tamed?
08 Ocean of Love
09 Snackin’ After Midnight
10 Killing the Wolfman
11 Never Felt Like This
12 Zen Machines

Music Video: Bad News Boys – “We Are The Champion”

A new music video for the Bad News Boys. Who? Ohh I think you know them. You better get your ass to the Paradise on Sunday, September 28th and catch them with the Black Lips. If you aren’t a Bostonian, catch em’ elsewhere: