King Khan & The Shrines H & E

Hopes: In my own little weird way I hope Khan does something like the above portrait or something equally (or more) outrageous. But, more importantly I wish to see an even greater performance, spectacle, if you will than I saw previously (which was one of my all time favorite concerts). I hope Gentlemen rock out even harder than the last two times I have seen them, playing all my favorites like “All I Need Tonight (Is You),” “Butterfingers,” “I Get So Excited,” and others. Lastly, I envision Red Mass to join my plethora of kick ass artists I have seen live and possibly become favorite of mine.

Expectations: This show is just as good, if not slightly better, than the last show, but lacks some of the intimacy of the Paradise setting. They put on a fun and/or entertaining show, but aren’t as “crazy” as they have been, which is more than ok as that’s not why I am going to see them (music clearly comes first). Gentlemen are just as good as last time, but don’t play all of my faves. And finally I expect Red Mass to be good, but probably not on the road to favoritism (a new word I coined).

In any case, I can’t wait!

Vids Ft. BOTW Gentleman Jesse + Those Darlins

I’m going to link to some YouTube videos that you ought to check out. These really HIGH DEFINITION (if you want them to be) vids were shot a couple of nights ago in Philadelphia. Gentleman Jesse and His Men and Those Darlins.

“Highland Crawler” and “Kinda Uptight” –
“Careful” and “Word Gets Around” –
“I Don’t Wanna Know” –
“Butterfingers” –

“Who’s That Knockin”? –
“Wild One” –
“Night Jogger” –
“I’ve No Clue” –