Q&A With Eric Baylies leading up to 4752 Festival

Baylies Band plays the 4752 Festival in New Bedford around 7:45 PM at Solstice Skateboarding. In a brief exchange, I shot off some question to Eric Baylies:

GGG: You’ve been a New Bedford staple for years – any particular noteworthy venues or memorable show/festivals that you’ve taken a liking to in your hometown?

EB: There is no steady venue in New Beige

GGG: What two bands (in existence or dead) would you bring along on a package tour with Baylies Band? 

EB: I’ve been lucky enough to tour with Pere Ubu so that leaves Captain Beefheart and The Fall

GGG: What two songs would you recommend the uninitiated start with in your vast discography that capture your musical essence? 

EB: Let’s Get Stabbed parts 1 to 5 on Risibility and Discourse and I Want To Marry The Prime Minister of Iceland from the new Kafkaesque

GGG: Is there any chance you could bring a copy of your book Heroin’s Rainbow to the festival?


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