Travis Has Played With Many Bands; We Will Miss Him

Travis drums
Photo by Paul Gaughran

One of the nicest dudes you’ll meet in the Boston music community and in life is Travis Hagan. Chris met Travis up at UMass Lowell where they attended college. I met Travis shortly thereafter. He is moving to New York tomorrow along with fellow brilliant Boston musician Carrie Furniss. We will miss them dearly.

Here is a probably incomplete list of bands that Travis has played in:
The New Highway Hymnal, The Migs, Fat Creeps, Gracie, Wakes, Soft Eyes, Candy Miami, The Prefab Messiahs (Rama Lama – 4/29/16), CosmcHalfsour, Blau Blau, Splitting Image, Pleaser, Patty Melt, Love Strangers, Chill City Icon, Head Train, Radskull, “redad”, Thunderbloods (for a few shows), any others we’re forgetting???!

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