This Day In KLYAM (July 1)

Four years ago today we celebrated our 6 Year Anniversary. In two weeks time, we’ll be wilding out for three nights in a row (July 11, 12, 13) to celebrate our 10 years. This is a PSA that advance tickets are available and encouraged so a slip-up like being turned away at the door doesn’t happen. Stacked lineups. every. dang. night.

2017: Ava Luna, Birthing Hips, The Craters – Great Scott

2016: Wendy Alembic, Alexander, Fat Shuggy, Will Henrikson – No Berry; International Noise Conference with Trim and many others – Visible Hand/Hassle Space

2015: Kids Like You & Me 6th Anniversary Party featuring The Barbazons, Nice Guys, Atlantic Thrills, G. Gordon Gritty – Middle East Upstairs

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