TeleVibes New Album “High Or Die” / Release Show MAY 24

Flyer By Kayla Savage

It is another TeleVibes release show at the Middle East Upstairs and we KLYAMers of course remember just how nice these occasions are. The last one was over a year ago in celebration of Washed Up, but tonight it’s all about High Or Die, seven songs of sheer guitar psychedelia and Pete Coldpack inspired freak-outs. They’ve been playing some of these numbers for a while, ya basically feel at home in Boston’s finest green beer guzziln basements listening to the Tellies. YET, bro, these are arena sized jams and I don’t usually say that in a good way. The grooves are bustling too hard and Out There for something like “Acyd” to not be loved by any kind person who fancies rock ‘n roll shoved to its spaciest noisiest outer boundaries.

Well then listen below or hop over to their BANDCAMP (where you can listen to High Or Die) and do your part in supporting our No Sho pals – come through to see them tonight MAY 24th 8 PM Middle East Upstairs with a very musically linkminded crew – Holy Wave on tour from Austin, Texas, and two local psych shimmies Soft Eyes and Fedavees.

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