Littlefoot’s “Night Of The Living Dreams” Out NOW!

The wait is over – Boston’s loveliest, heavenly sounding group Littlefoot have dropped their debut album Night Of The Living Dreams on BUFU Records. 10 dreamers that were recorded this past summer! I remember my first Littlefoot show – it was February 1st (2014) in Providence at Dusk as part of Atlantic Thrills record release. One of my favorites of the year!! Don’t hear Littlefoot’s kind of early rock ‘n roll and dream pop every day, you know? They played all tunes from this release, but of course I didn’t know that at the time. They real good! The record is so well done. I’d feel almost cheesy ‘properly’ reviewing it. Waves of excitement and smiles abound like old times like when I heard Beach House’s Teen Dream about five years ago. When I’m in my late 20s I’ll look back fondly at discovering Littlefoot. So on that note, Erica’s voice and songwriting…just listen!!!!!

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