Ausmuteants @ Barack’s Barracks WED OCT 1!

Tomorrow – or today – or yesterday – depending on when you are looking at this. Hopefully, sometime before 7 PM on Wednesday, October 1. ‘Cuz that’s when Australia’s Ausmuteants are playing at Barack’s Barracks in Boston, Massachusetts!! Courtesy of our show-throwing pals B.O.W. SHOWS and with Phantom Rides and Longings.

I feel like I’ve seen Ausmuteants and I did, of course, virtually at GONER FEST where they absolutely ran through a nutty set. I was really feelin’ it, this is gonna cap off an insane couple a weeks for us KLYAMers – Ty, Black Lips, King Khan and BBQ, and now Ausmuteants. The Aussies are newer to the game, but they got the hard-hitting synth/guitar punk jams – one of the best bands in the world per the trustworthy Bobby Hussy designation and I agree there.




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