Big Mess New Album and Tour (8/29-10/2)

Big Mess Album
Hey all, Big Mess, a local favorite of ours for a few years now, is heading out on a big ass tour and you’d be a damn fool not to attend. Better yet, pick up their debut full-length LP You Are My Sunshine (via Midnight Werewolf Records) on September 16th. Ahh you may think sunshine is too lighthearted for Big Mess, but damn that sunshine song always disturbed me as a child. It still gives me the creeps. Why would they take your sunshine away? I don’t get it. So, it fits with Big Mess is what I’m saying.

Sneak peek of new album here on their bandcamp:

Big Mess Tour
Tour Dates:
8/29 Boston, MA O’Brien’s Pub

9/2 Albany, NY@The Shred Shack

9/3 Mansfield, OH @ Relax, It’s Just Coffee

9/4 Athens, OH @ The Smiling Skull

9/5 Bloomington, IN @ The Cream

9/6 Chicago, IL @ Bric A Brac Records

9/7 Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall

9/8 Denver, CO

9/9 Salt Lake City, UT

9/10 Idaho @ Bouquet

9/11 Portland, OR @ Foggy Notion

9/12 Eugene, OR

9/13 Northern CA

9/14 Stockton, CA @ The Bus Stop

9/15 Oakland, CA

9/16 San Francisco, CA @ Neck of the Woods

9/17 Santa Barbara, CA @ Biko’s Garage

9/18 Santa Barbara, CA @ 5. 4. 3. 2. FUN

9/19 Anaheim, CA @ The Doll Hut

9/20 Los Angeles, CA @ House Show

9/21 Phoenix, AZ @ The Trunk Space

9/22 Santa Fe, NM

9/23 Austin, TX @ The Lost Well

9/24 New Orleans, LA

9/25 Murfreesboro, TN @ Rack City?

9/26 Asheville NC @ The Mothlight

9/27 NC

9/28 Richmond

9/29 Silver Springs, MD @ Joe’s Record Paradise

9/30 Philly

10/1 NY @ SUNY Purchase

10/2 Portsmouth, NH @ Red Door

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