Tape Memo: Jane La Onde – “Elegance”

Artist: Jane La Onde
Release: 2014 (Re-release on Feeding Tube Records, soon)

Comments: Jane La Onde’s tape here, Elegance, is a combo meditative/exercise tape, translating across the excesses of time to this sweet handheld stereo cassette player that I now own. I’ve listened to this in a few different locations – outside and inside – for extra measure in convincing myself that this is really happening. I do not know much about workout style jams, but I can tell you this collection is fairly nontraditional. Elegance is exceptional in its solo-y spirit, I can envision these songs being the sole work of Jane, whose button pushing I can sometimes hear. She triggers drum machines, keyboards, and a host of effects but it is her vocals that stand out the most. Mesmerizing, repetitive. Kinda like a Colleen Green and Tobacco fusion for really brief spans – other than that I am at a loss of words for comparison…something like ‘Miss Information’ is futuristic (if this is the ’90s), spacey, and duh catchy, but really unlike anything I’ve heard nowadays in the psychedelic pop spectrum. This is the quintessential punk jogging record of our time and I hope there’s more!!

A1. Boy Trouble
A2. TV Do Tell
A3. Glow Girls
A4. I See You

B1. Memorize
B2. Livin’ In America
B3. Miss Information


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