Recollecting BUFU: The Lentils (4/26)

BUFU Fest 2014 was quite a time in the history of modern rock ‘n roll. In a time of Bonaroos and Coachellas and the masses that flock to those large events of questionable entertainment, there is no need to kid ourselves by understating the importance of a community nurturing weekend of artistry and rocking out. One need only navigate in the crypts of Bishop Allen Drive in Cambridge to take part in the elation of live music that goes down on a daily basis and is supported by truly dedicated bands, fans, and advocacy groups like sites, labels, bookers, spaces, newspapers, organizations, zines, and etc. It was really amazing to see hundreds of people having fun so be sure to thank BUFU – psychedelic gangstas as Frank Hurricane might put it – who made it happen. 

The Lentils is a band I was real real pumped to witness. For one, I never got the great chance to see Happy Jawbone while they were in existence. I don’t know how that happened and I’m not particularly well endowed to admit such a thing. Their quirky pop orientation is something I’ve dug hard from bands across the rock N roll spectrum for years and if I had to say their 2013 LP kinda proves the point that good sounding things can be really demented at their core. With all this in mind of course I’m giddy upon hearing in-the-know-bro Chris Collins tell me that The Lentils rise from Happy Jawbone mastermind Luke Csehak. I knew good things were to come from this guy who looked familiar from way back when we were patiently waiting in the Gentlemen’s Room section of the Lodge.  And ya a superb performance followed from the three Brattleboro Vermont based Lentils. Luke is an interactive frontman, moosying his way into the crowd, you know, sorta erupting twangs from his guitar with real ease and character. The tunes feel a half a century old in the best way, but what draws me hooked is Lou Reed would be smiling just the same. Being bizarre is being endearing and The Lentils could try anything out, give it their own Lentil spin, and well who knows as far as I am aware they don’t have any recordings up, so we gotta wait and see! Soon I hope, I’m ready!!!!


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