Band: Atlantic Thrills
Release: 2/2014
Label: Almost Ready Records

Atlantic Thrills have long been in the hearts and mind of KLYAM: from my first time seeing them open for Black Lips in Providence in 2011 up ’til their most recent outrageous release show (our 17th AT gig). Here we are, with a tangible release of the catchiest, slimiest bag o tricks that the Thrillz have been cooking up for a few years now. I liken Atlantic Thrills to the Lips 2007 widely exposed Good Bad Not Evil – not many people knew of the Lips degenerate legend prior to GBNE and damn did they ever miss out. Same thing with the Thrills here; now’s the time to be privy to their shenanigans.

Our first real taste of this LP came in the summer with their single “Day At The Beach,” rollin bones, hit of acid, you name it, singer/guitarist Dan Tanner sings about it on this oldies resurrection that would make the bands of the ’60s raise an eyebrow or two but dance along just the same. Speaking of which, this is a good times kinda album. A sinister show of respect to the proto-punk, garage, and psych big boys of years past and present. VU, Dutronc, Los Saicos (perhaps the mightiest of spirits haunting ‘Problems’,  ‘Boozin All Night’, ‘Holy Mountain’ and ‘Give It Back’) The King Khan and BBQ Show and Lips whose never-stop mosh and bop in-citations are present from the opening notes of ‘Lie To Me’ and the tribal politikal geetar frenzy ‘Blind Lead The Blind’.

I could listen to this album all day and never get tired – though I have found myself doing this crazy sorta head bobbing that is almost dizzying. The three guitarists – Dan, Eric Aguiar (bass), and Kelly Riley (guitar) – go back in forth with their shouts and screams, a prominent feature of the Thrills. Drummer Josh Towers whacking and kicking hard while smiling his face off. In my opinion, ‘Light Shines’ has these quintessential Thrills features down to a Thrillscience [new word], OHHH OHHH! ‘Light’ has been a staple in their live set for I’d say almost two years at this point so yeah man, of course I’m giddy about this. Oh right, longevity! By now y’all have repeatedly watched ‘Acid Rain’ at the Wooly Fair (classic YouTube) in its fuzzy stompy glory; this recorded version got that wild middle section intact leading Eric on to Punk Rock Suzy. Imma go out on a limb and say ‘Acid’ is the oldest and sweatiest of the bunch. So while the record is thru and thru no frills rock ‘n roll – debauched levels up near 11 – there are a couple tunes ‘Drugs In It’ and ‘Foreign Lands’ penned by Kelly that are Golden Malt Shop jukebox numbers, except the only Malt in Riley’s Shoppe is a Colt 45 and some funny tasting Rice Krispy Treats to boot. The record comes to a close with “On My Mind” and “Give It Back,” I love singing along to these OGs and bumping into people, becoming that girls freshman year mistake or mid life crisis. Selfish but hey these guys have been there before, I think.

Hope by now you get the idea that ATLANTIC THRILLS is the rock ‘n roll album of 2014. Well I’m sure there’s gonna be some other amazing releases, but this is kinda like when we heard Lips for the first time and named some site after their song. Ya I went there! Hear this album, go see this band, and you’ll get the idea why I’ve been so intrigued over the past few years and can’t stop letting people other know what’s up!

A1 Problems
A2 Day At The Beac
A3 Boozin’ All Night
A4 Acid Rain
A5 Light Shines
A6 Foreign Lands
B1 Holy Mountain
B2 Lie To Me
B3 Drugs In It
B4 Blind Lead The Blind
B5 On My Mind
B6 Give It Back


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