Boston Underground Media Shout-Outs

These are lesser known entities engulfed in the passion of lesser known music. They deserve all the shout-outs they can get for the good work they are doing:

Mass Ave And BeyondOn The Radio @ WZBC 90.3 – Fridays from 5 PM to 7 PM – For those on a Monday thru Friday work or school schedule, I would argue that there’s little better than starting your weekend off in fine style by listening to the MASS AVE AND BEYOND radio program on WZBC 90.3. Hosted by Chris Collins – a highly knowledgeable participant/champion of the Boston underground and known for his great work with the Boston Hassle – Mass Ave transmits choice tunes from New England bands that range from basement upstarts to scene veterans that are on some of the sweetest independent record labels ’round the country. The sonic diversity of the region’s DIY artistry is on full display as Chris plays a variety of eccentric offerings, punk/garage/surf/experimental/electronic, just to name some styles. He also runs down an extensive weekend concert listing. There’s something for everyone every night and unlike a lot of stations/programs, non-traditional venue shows are given time of day right alongside club shows in the listings. So listen to old archives and also call-in to make a request. I did the other day and Chris played the tune within seconds! Coincidence or not, I dunno, but you are sure to be enlightened after listening to this inspiring show.

Melody Matters – YouTube Channel – Bernie’s been a fixture behind the lens, capturing high quality video and audio from local musicians for more then a few years now. He has over 650 live videos on YouTube, a nice little chunk that feature some of our favorites: Fat Creeps, Colleen Green, Peach Kelli Pop, etc, etc. We appreciate all Bernie’s work and besides it’s always cool bumping into him in the depths of spidery basements with a six pack of Narragansett in tow.

The FLASH Boston – Online Blog Format – Notes from the Boston scene courtesy of one Gordon Marshall. An esteemed and plenitudinous poet, Gordon concocts descriptions of bands performing before his eyes. His way with words is funny, apt, seemingly over-the-top, but above all: real. One dude’s creative take on creative takes. Sample: “Punk rock thrashers they eat bacon and rashers they have rashes on their skin that look like Ho Chi Min chicka chicka string line with a wiry finish fine like Chardonnay and I just say hey I’m having a good time on top of that I rhyme” [ACIDOSIS, Oct 12].

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