Bent Shapes – Feels Weird (8/20/13)

Local KLYAM favorites, Bent Shapes are releasing their debut LP Feels Weird on August 20th via Father/Daughter Records. Here’s the track list, which features one of my all time favorite songs, “I Was Here But I Disappear.”

1. Behead Yrself, Pt. 2
2. Leave It ‘Til You Need It
3. Panel Of Experts
4. Brat Poison
5. What Do You Get??
6. Hex Maneuvers
7. Big Machines
8. Bites And Scratches
9. Check My Vitals!!
10. Boys To Men
11. I Was Here But I Disappear

If you wanna get on the super duper pre-order. Go to Father/Daughter Records:

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