EP Review: Day One [Moontowers]

Release: 7/2012
Link: http://moontowers.bandcamp.com/

1. “Stage”
2. “Day One”
3. “Miracle Cure”
4. “Up the Coast”

Comments: Day One might be Moontowers first official release, but it sounds like the kind of polished effort from a band that’s been across the country and back a few times. I immediately notice how nice the guitars are recorded. I hear three different ones on “Stage,” but they don’t drown out the other instruments, which is cool. “Day One” is a bit more immediate and real groovy. The bass and keys power this track. “Miracle Cure” has been in the band’s live set for a long time so it’s sweet to finally hear the recorded version. There are several reasons why its a helluva track, but the chorus and the piano that follows that and then the ending. It doesn’t really end ’cause I just end up hitting replay. The first time I heard it I got Spacemen 3 vibes. Like that band, Moontowers can generate a hook pretty easily and affectionately. But in the end – literally – we’ve got what I think is my favorite track: “Up the Coast”. It’s the heaviest, the loudest. A true psych-rock powerhouse that recalls some of my favorites of the modern age. The guitar play brings me back to my initial point. It’s weird to hear this EP as just the beginning for these dudes. I’ve generally been finding myself taking a liking to fuzzier, perhaps maybe more ‘thin’ records of late, but when something like this comes along it makes ya think the more intricate side of rock ‘n roll can be just as enjoyable.

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