Good Music In Commercial Sighting: Daniel Johnston (Axe)

So, as I am typing away on my computer I hear Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In The End”- one of the greatest songs of all time- from down the hallway on my brother’s TV set. As with all “Good Music In Commercial Sightings” I bolted across my house and discovered I was not tripping balls, but in fact it truly was Daniel’s fine tune in an Axe hair product commercial. I thought to myself, why not Mountain Dew?! Ahh well, can’t win em’ all. Another peculiar thing to note is that when I heard the song from the TV set, The Beets’ tune “The Devil” came up on my itunes, a number I have always eerily connected to the work of Daniel Johnston in both a musical and lyrical sense. Not to mention the obvious titular connection with his documentary being entitled The Devil and Daniel Johnston. Anyone else surprised? They get me every time. I know it’s not too uncommon now to hear these far from mainstream tunes in mainstream settings nowadays, but I still never expect it when the time comes. Lastly, THIS ISN’T AN ENDORSEMENT OF AXE! We do however endorse Daniel Johnston!!!

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