Black Lips Touring Middle East!


That’s right, after nearly four years (or more) of planning a tour of the Middle East, the band has finally landed their most anitcipated gig(s). Going where very, very few  rock and roll bands have gone before. The proud, the few, the Black Lips!

More info here:

Ahh and here’s some tour dates for y’all to peruse:


9/14/12 – Amman, Jordan – TBA *
9/19/12 – Larnaca, Cyprus – Savino Live *
9/21/12 – Cairo, Egypt – Culturewheel *
9/23/12 – Tunis, Tunisia – Le Squat *
9/26/12 – Dubai, UAE – Music Room *
9/28/12 – Hawler, Iraq – TBA
9/29/12 – Sulamaniah, Iraq – TBA
10/6/12 – Beirut, Lebanon – Metro Al Madina *-

* w/ Ottawa band Lazzy Lung

Now, I know what you Boston fans are thinking, damn wouldn’t it have been excellent if the Lips played  a week long tour of back to back shows at the Middle East upstairs and downstairs?!  Yes, it would have :( but we can’t be selfish, the Lips have to spread their glorious rock and roll to all regions of the world.

Here’s the earliest interview I recall of the foursome vocalizing interests in playing Iraq/the Middle East region. This is from an MTV interview with John Norrris from June 2008. At the 3 minute mark they bring up the possibility of playing in Iraq. Check it out:

One thought on “Black Lips Touring Middle East!”

  1. I see they’re giving Syria a miss though they said not long ago that this was on their itinerary.

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