Several Nice Tracks For You Patient Folks Today

King Khan and the Shrines – “Bite My Tongue” – Bruise Cruise 7″ – You might remember this one from the Shrines Fall 2010 tour. Maybe not. Either way the studio version has just arrived and it’s a nice segue back into some of that real rock’n’soulin KK+Shrines flavor that the KK Experience lacked! LISTEN

Baby Chuck – “Whatever Is Happening” – This is the band of the same named guitarist/songwriter in Orwells. “Whatever” is a rugged rock and roll’r with some slick guitar riffs that bring to mind the Smiff West, and a harmonica solo to finish things off! If you love The Orwells, you’ll be a Baby Chuck fan. Or something’s wrong. LISTEN/WATCH VIDEO, BandCamp

Mind Spiders – “Wait For Us” – Meltdown (Dirtnap) – Mind Spiders put out a really good S/T album last year. It had the supreme “Don’t Let Her Go” on it. This one is addictive from the start. Has that sort of instant garage pop charm that Reatard had down pat.

Life Partner – “King Nothing” – Dogs (Sophomore Lounge) – Dang, how had I missed out on Life Partner. I love the production on this one. The droney vocals and that real upfront drum set really make you PAY ATTENTION. Plus, it’s pretty short, so you can just go back and replay it. LISTEN/WEBSITE

2 thoughts on “Several Nice Tracks For You Patient Folks Today”

  1. Well, well, well, you didn’t get the news that Mr. Khan confessed that the “King Khan Experience” was mostly years worth of leftovers made with all and sundry? I don’t know if that’s why it fizzled away after they breathlessly announced “It’s the first we’ve heard from him musically since 2009!” He’s just taking his time to release the real new stuff he has made up in recent months. I think you’re lucky not to have had the Tandoori Knights pass through town as he was not at his high standard and he might have disappointed you had you witnessed it. The Bloodshot Bill solo act was very much better. After all that he’s been through in recent months I hope for his own good that his new stuff is well received and that he shows the world that though he may seem erratic he can still deliver good stuff showing therefore that such things as being erratic do not matter.

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