The Walkmen Re-Issuing Debut LP On Vinyl

Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone was released nearly ten years ago (March 2002). I’ve heard a fair share of records in my time and I can’t say that I’ve ever listened to one quite like this one. The Walkmen are — above most other things — a very distinct band and that categorization began with this record. Sure, the band came about after the break-ups of Jonathan Fire*Eater and The Recoys, but those bands didn’t sound much like The Walkmen. Jonathan was a proto-punk Velvet Underground/Jonathan Richman kind of thing while The Recoys had a dirty, early rock and roll thing going on. Two Recoys songs, “That’s The Punchline” and “Blizzard of ’93” (later “…of ’96”), would end up appearing on Everyone Who in clearer, more atmospheric conditions. But anyway, the reason why The Walkmen are so different than other bands (and why this is proven on Everyone) is Hamilton’s vocal delivery, the twinkling, yet dark-in-an-instant organ, and the one sharp biting guitarist that is Paul Maroon. And let’s not forget Matt Barrick’s drumming (particularly noteworthy on “Wake Up”).

At any rate, I’m very glad this record is being re-issued on vinyl. It’s only available in limited quantity (1,000 are being pressed) for pre-order so head to The Walkmen’s website to do that.

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