Review: Kitchen’s Floor – Look Forward To Nothing

Label: Siltbreeze

1. “No Love” – A-
2. “Graves” – B
3. “116” – A-
4. “Regrets” – B+
5. “Needs” – B-
6. “Every Day” – B
7. “Kidney Infection” – B
8. “Insects” – B
9. “Orbit” – B-
10. “Twenty-Four” – B+

Comments: The aesthetic of Look Forward To Nothing is totally particular to Kitchen’s Floor. The vocals are stand-out in as though Matt Kennedy’s style is clumsy Aussie shouting, like if you’d handed the mic to the dude after a few pints and asked him to start babbling some lyrics you wrote. It’s this kind of charm on top of fairly un-involved instruments that is Kitchen’s Floor in a nutshell. On a song like “Kidney Infection,” which is just Kennedy, there’s not much in the department of overwhelming accomplishment, but it justly sums up the mysteriously odd nature of this album and the band. For a geographic comparison of sorts, it’s like an incredibly slowed down/fuzzy Toy Love. So yeah, probably not much like Toy Love at all.

Grade: B (85)

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