Review: Ty Segall – Singles 2007-2010

 Ty Segall
Release: 11/2011
Label: Goner Records
 1. “Where We Go” – B
2. “It” – B+
3. “Sweets” – B
4. “Son of Sam” – B
5. “Skin” – B+
6. “Booksmarts” – B-
7. “Ms. White” – B
8. “…And Then Judy Walked In” – B-
9. “Cents” – A-
10. “No No” – A-
11. “Standing At The Station” – A-
12. “My Sunshine” – A
13. “Fuzzy Cat” – B-
14. “Maria Stacks” – B-
15. “Caesar” – A
16. “Bullet Proof Nothing” – A
17. “Lovely One” – A
18. “Happy Creeps” – B
19. “Hey Big Mouth” – A-
20. “Dating” – A
21. “So Alone” – B+
22. “Shoot You In the Head” – B-
23. “The Drag” – A-
24. “Standing At The Station” – B
25. “I Think I’ve Had It” – B+

CommentsSingles 2007-2010 is chock full o’ Ty Segall oldies. From demos to stand-alones to covers, this is a hard rocking compilation of pre-Goodbye Bread goodies. One thing that can be said about Ty’s music pre-Goodbye days (which as you can see was as recently as 2010) is that it, by and large, was characterized by fuzzy guitars and fuzzy vocals. For many songs, this sound works quite well — like the very best of Ty on here: “Dating,” “Lovely One,” the Simply Saucer cover “Bullet Proof Nothing,” “Caesar,” and “My Sunshine”. As far as the rest, my gripes aren’t too numerous. After all, Ty is one of my favorites of this day and age. So I guess from an honest fan point of view, there are several songs that sound like the early relative to other, better Ty songs, whether it’s just a chord progression or some random part (the ending of “Judy” = “Die Tonite”). The main thing that I’m trying to say is that these songs are noticeably and reasonably early cuts and non-albums. It’s interesting to see how a lot of these songs took shape and it’s safe to say Ty always has had a knack for song-writing. There’s no bad songs on here. There are ones that made me think “I’ve heard better” or “that was really weird,” but no, nothing bad. I wouldn’t show a first timer this compilation as a point of recommendation, but it does serve as a valuable look into Ty’s past discography (for those of us who’ve been listening to him for a while).

Grade: B+ (87)

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