Black Lips “The Lie” In Need For Speed: The Run

The soundtrack for Need For Speed: The Run, the long-running racing video game, has just been announced and most importantly it features some fine music (otherwise I wouldn’t have made this post). Black Lips‘ “The Lie” (Arabia Mountain, 2011, Vice) is in the game as is The Handsome Furs “Damage” (Sound Kapital, 2011, Sub Pop) and “Lonely Boy” (El Camino, 2011, Nonesuch) by Black Keys.

As I believe I’ve written before, video game soundtracks more or less were the forerunner to a pretty significant amount of music that I like presently. Musicians and bands like Jay Reatard, The Walkmen, Pixies, and Editors would hardly or doubtfully be among my favorites today if I hadn’t been exposed to them via video game back then. It’s encouraging to read about how my favorite band is going to be in a widely played game. The video game soundtrack is a great platform for exposure, especially when it reaches out to people who perhaps otherwise would never get a chance (or want a chance) to listen to Black Lips or Handsome Furs.

Check Out “The Lie”:

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