CD Review: Welcome New Machine [2011]

High Tension Wires
Release: 3/2011
Label: Dirtnap Records

1. “Get Weird” – A
2. “Incorporeal – B+
3. “Backbone” – A
4. “Temporary Gods” – A-
5. “Subprime Love” –  B+
6. “Lose Your Grip” – A-
7. “Lose Face” – A
8. “The Universal People’s Church” – A-
9. “Handicapped Hearts” – A
10. “Dirt, Fist, Feet” – B+
11. “I’m Too Square You’re Too Round” – A-
12. “The Secret of the Hydrogen Bomb” – B+

Comments: From the opening bass line and drum beat of “Get Weird”, you might mistake High Tension Wires for a major dance-punk band. The song is noisy, but quite groovy at that. Same goes for “Backbone,” which basks in power-pop greatness. The verses got that damn infectious drum beat and the chorus and break, of course, are the two-tier icing on the cake. High Tension Wires are definitely one of the more catchy garage/punkers out there and I think part of this stems from the short length/no bullshit tunes. Guitar solos don’t overstay their welcome and uncomplicated instrumentation dominates. Recommended!

Grade: A- (90)

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