Show Recommendations: Wednesday, April 13

BOSTON: Handsome Furs @ Great Scott. The Handsome Furs, Dan Boeckner and wife Alexei put on an excellent show. Last time they were here (July 2009), a drunk fat guy made his way on stage: That wasn’t the highlight, though. “What About Us” off their upcoming album Sound Kapital (June, Sub Pop) was just released and you can check it out here:

RHODE ISLAND: Black Lips @ The Met, Pawtucket. Not much more needs to be said. I’m excited to hear some of the new Arabia Mountain songs live and just as excited to hear all the oldies that simply never get old. If you haven’t seen Black Lips and live in Rhode Island, Southern Mass, Central Mass, whatever…you have to go! You’ll be missing out big.

One thought on “Show Recommendations: Wednesday, April 13”

  1. I still can’t believe you are seeing them yet anoter time before me. It’s just been five months for you, but it’s been nearly 3 times the wait for me!

    Have a blast as you obviously will!

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