On Wednesday June 21, Dinosaur Jr. will be playing at the Paradise Rock Club with special guests OFF! and Henry Rollins (as interviewer). The theme of the show will be them playing Bug, their 1988 LP of which I had zero knowledge of before finding out about it now. I’m down for Dino Jr. once again, having seen them on a bill with Built to Spill and the Meat Puppets a few years back at the Orpheum Theatre. Now if I’m going to make a wild guess, it would be that this thing is going to sell out fast. Ticks on sale this Friday at NOON. It is $33, making it approximately one of the most expensive Dise shows ever.

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  1. I’m definitely down, even though I must admit of the dino recs, this is one of the ones I am least familiar with, despite a few of the “big” songs. Ironically, Mascis said he wasn’t a fan of this record.

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