CD Review: Screws Get Loose [2011]

Those Darlins
Release: 3/2011
Label: Oh Wow Dang

1. “Screws Get Loose” – A-
2. “Be Your Bro” – A
3. “Let U Down” – A-
4. “Hives” – A-
5. “Mystic Mind” – B
6. “Tina Said” – B+
7. “$” – B
8. “Boy” – B+
9. “Fatty Needs A Fix” – B+
10. “Waste Away” – B
11. “Bumd” – B+

Comments: Those Darlins have the country/garage thing down to a tee and this record goes to show that. “Screws Get Loose” is a fantastic way to open things and the exquisitely true to life “Be Your Bro” is a fitting follow-up. “I just want to run and play in the dirt with you, you just want to stick it in!” How ’bout that! We get a taste of the songwriting/singing of drummer Linwood Regensburg on “Let U Down,” a dive into Costello-esque power-pop. It’s pretty obvious after the first few songs that this is an extremely exciting work of art for the Darlins. The rest of the album is a lil bit more country (some slower points) until “Fatty Needs A Fix,” a WINNING combination of Weird Al, Devo, and Taylor Swift. “Bumd” sounds like “Do The Fuck Yourself” by Nobunny. Fo’ real. Cool stuff. So yeah, this is a funstix record.

Grade: B+ (88)

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