CD Review: Zonoscope [2011]

Cut Copy
Release: 2/2011
Label: Modular

1. “Need You Now” – B+
2. “Take Me Over” – B+
3. “Where I’m Going” – B
4. “Pharaohs & Pyramids” – B-
5. “Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution” – B-
6. “Strange Nostalgia For The Future” – B-
7. “This Is All We’ve Got” – B-
8. “Alisa” – B+
9. “Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat” – A-
10. “Corner of the Sky” – A-
11. “Sun God” – B

Comments: Though not my favorite type of music by any stretch, the electronica/rock and roll mixture can be a real entertainer if done right. Cut Copy is a groovy group — fitting bass lines/overall dance-y feel, etc, etc. They often do it right. Historically speaking, that tune of theirs “Going Nowhere” was and still is somewhere in my favorites of all epochs list. I think I fell sucker to it during my Postal Service/Figurine stage of life around ’05 or ’06. It’s greatness. “Hearts on Fire” was a jam, too. Initial feeling of this record is that it’s likable, but not overly so. Not sure they could’ve done anything differently to make it standout…the nature of the dude’s voice is a lil’ limiting. Perhaps not go the Merriweather Post Pavilion direction and stick to captivating pop? At any rate, props should be given where props are due and Cut Copy deserves some on a few songs like “Take Me Over,” “Alisa,” and “Hanging.” “Hanging” is the standout of the group — relying on fairly subtle electronic arrangements and favoring more typical rock ‘n roller elements. “Corner” is quite the dance song.

Grade: B (84)

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