Classic Album Review: It Came From Here [1982]

Band: Boys Life
Label: SECO

Side One
1. “It Came From Here” – A
2. “Water” – A
3. “From A To Z” – A

Side Two
1. “Happy People” – A
2. “True Believers” – A
3. “Person I Want To Be” – A

Comments: Boys Life rose to prominence in the early ’80s. You must be thinking well who’s Boys Life?  They were (technically are since according to their Myspace they’ve recently reformed) a group from Malden, Massachusetts, just a few few miles from where many of us here at KLYAM call home. According to a local magazine at the time, “their rock ‘n’ roll is inspired by the 1976-1977 generation of British punkers – most specifically the recently broken up Jam.” The Jam influence is ultra apparent on this, their debut EP. Singer John Surette’s vocals recall any number of British singers. They also bear a decent similarity to Mission of Burma and comparable post-punk rockers from the area. In fact, they caught the eye of Paul Weller, who has proclaimed himself a fan of the band. They ended up opening for The Jam a few times. Props to my dad for buying this record at one of those shows. Perhaps the band’s strength was in its saxophonist Neal Sugarman. Sugarman’s sax playing served as both a source of steady rhythm and creativity, complimenting the pulsing bass guitar. Sugarman’s fine musicianship did not go unnoticed as he has played tenor for the likes of Amy Winehouse. For a short-lived band, they did get a decent amount of notice in there. This record (I’m guessing) is a rarity but it looks like they’ve made a MySpace page where you can listen to some of their older stuff. This is a local classic.

Grade: A

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