Classic Album Review: Heaven Up Here [1981]

Echo & the Bunnymen
Label: Korova

Side One
1. “Show of Strength” – A
2. “With A Hip” – B+
3. “Over the Wall” – A-
4. “It Was A Pleasure” – A-
5. “A Promise” – A

Side Two
1. “Heaven Up Here” – A
2. “The Disease” – B-
3. “All My Colours” – B+
4. “No Dark Things” – A-
5. “Turquoise Days” – B-
6. “All I Want” – B-

Comments: As far as influential British post-punk groups go, Echo & the Bunnymen are right in the mix alongside Joy Division, The Fall, The Cure, and so-on and so forth. Compared to most music in this style, Heaven Up Here is hardly pop sensible. Heck, Joy Division was well broken up by the time this record came out so to say that band influenced these guys would probably be an understatement. I can even hear some Talking Heads esque arrangements on the latter half of the first side like on “It Was a Pleasure” and “A Promise.” I love the passion on “Heaven Up Here”; that song is kickin’! The second side is kind of yes and no. There’s a lot to like, but some other things on the boring side. The ending is pretty weak.

Grade: B+

One thought on “Classic Album Review: Heaven Up Here [1981]”

  1. I am a huge Echo and the Bunnymen disciple so I am glad you choose this album, I think its a fair assesment for this album, my personal favorite has always been Ocean Rain. To their credit to they put on a hell of a live show and the new material isn’t too bad, not classic or groundbreaking, more kind of like where the Cure is now, a band comfortable with themselves

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