Classic Album Review: Endless Summer [1974]

The Beach Boys
Label: Capitol

Side A
1. “Surfin Safari” – A
2. “Surfer Girl” – A+
3. “Catch A Wave” – A+
4. “The Warmth of the Sun” – B+
5. “Surfin’ USA” – A
[Grade: A]

Side B
1. “Be True To Your School” – A+
2. “Little Deuce Couple” – A
3. “In My Room” – A
4. “Shut Down” – A
5. “Fun, Fun, Fun” – A+
[Grade: A]

Side C
1. “I Get Around” – A
2. “Girls on the Beach” – A+
3. “Wendy” – A
4. “Let Him Run Wild” – A
5. “Don’t Worry Baby” – A+
[Grade: A]

Side D
1. “California Girls” – A+
2. “Girl Don’t Tell Me” – A
3. “Help Me, Rhonda” – A
4. “You’re So Good To Me” – B+
5. “All Summer Long” – A+
[Grade: A]

Comments: This was a just a great great listen. I can’t say anything really that hasn’t already been said. The only thing that sucks is changing the record after every five songs! I guess that’s the product of growing up in the digital age. As far as ‘older’ songs go, there were just so many fantastic ones on this compilation that just instantly ‘clicked’. Love when that happens.

Grade: A


  1. You might not know that this is not an original BB album, it’s a collection of hits. To me, greatest hits albums don’t qualify for consideration as classics. That should be reserved for albums that a band created itself. For the Beach Boys I’d say Pet Sounds, Sunflower, Today, and Holland are some of their classics.

  2. That is very correct. As I mentioned when I first started doing classic reviews a while back, my use of ‘classic’ is not really of something that’s necessarily traditionally ‘classic’ just something that’s dated. So technically you are right, but for the sake of keeping these things organized I’m just sticking to ‘classic album’ although ‘compilation’ or the like would be more fitting

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