7″ Review: Recklessness [2010]

Band: Radical Dads
Release: 12/2010

1. “Recklessness” – A
2. “I Am The Father Of Myself” – B

Comment: Radical Dads, an ancestor to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Uninhabitable Mansions, has just put out this 7″ for the masses. Though the only connection to those aforementioned bands is drummer Robbie Guertin, it’s not hard to sense a similarity between all three bands. If I had to say, though, Radical Dads may be more susceptible to playing a kind of “stripped down” form of rock and roll music that always seem to feature an “epic” moment. On “Recklessness,” this moment starts from 0:01 and ends two minutes and twelve seconds later. “I Am The Father of Myself” might fool you. It’s a near 360 from “Recklessness” in that it is filled with noise and heavy guitar shredding. Vocals would have been nice! That’s just me, though.

Grade: B+ (89)

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